Condo Fees – What’s Included

What's Included In Condo Fees? Here is a comprehensive list of everything that you might find included in your condo fee. Items marked with an asterisk '*' are items typically covered in a condo fee. Some condo fees will also include utilities (electric, gas, water, cable, etc). The remaining items usually are not included. A/C unit(s): Maintenance of individual A/C units in common areas of condominium. Air Conditioning: Upkeep of air conditioning systems in the building. Alarm System: Upkeep and servicing of any alarm systems. Cable TV: Cable service purchased and provided by the condo association. Broadband: High data rate internet service provided by the condo association *CAM (Common Area Maintenance): Amounts charged to tenants for expenses to maintain hallways, parking lots, and other areas shared by tenants. Community Center: Maintenance for community center area such as cleaning. Custodial Services Maintenance – On site staff providing custodial services to residents. Electricity: Utility service for individual units. Exercise Room/Fitness Center: Machinery, TV, and amenities for use, cleaning, upkeep and servicing. *Exterior Building Maintenance: Repairs/upkeep to the outside of the condominium building such as painting, roofing, and entry doors. Gas: Utility service for individual units. Golf Course: Maintenance, servicing, and operation of a golf course and/or membership fee for a golf club association. Heat: Utility service for individual units. High speed Internet: Internet service for individual units. *Lawn Maintenance/Landscaping: Maintenance of shrubbery, plantings, etc on the building’s property. Laundry: Machines, water/electricity, upkeep, servicing and cleaning. *Management: For most condo developments, the board, elected by unit owners, will hire an outside management company to run the day to day operation of the complex. *Master Insurance Policy: Part of your homeowner's association dues goes to pay for insurance on your condo complex. If the building burns down, or the roof blows away in a hurricane, you should be covered by your condo's master insurance policy. Additionally, the master insurance policy will usually carry specialized insurance, such as flood or earthquake insurance. However, this policy won't cover anything inside your individual unit, so you should consider separate condo insurance to insure your belongings. Parking Fee: Fee for upkeep and servicing for the parking facility. Pier/Dock Maintenance: Upkeep, cleaning, servicing of a water based pier or dock. Pool(s): Cleaning, servicing, upkeep of swimming pools. *Reserve Funds: A portion of an association's budget reveals how much cash is available for upcoming obligations. The level of reserves can vary from association to association and is based on the size, age and type of the community as well as how it was constructed, how it's been cared for and other factors. Road Maintenance: Upkeep of paved areas. Sauna: Upkeep, cleaning and servicing. Security Gate: Upkeep and servicing. Security: Hired security personnel and/or upkeep and servicing of a system. *Sewer: Usage, servicing. *Snow Removal: Service to ensure snow is cleared from walkways, entrances, etc. Standard Phone Service: For building access through call box. Taxes: Property taxes for the building. Sometimes in a cooperative, part of your co-op fee goes towards the property taxes, which are paid in full by the cooperative. Tennis Courts: Upkeep, cleaning, servicing of tennis courts. Tot Lot(s)/Playground: Upkeep, cleaning, servicing of any playgrounds. *Trash Removal: Service to remove and haul away trash from the complex. Underlying Mortgage: A loan taken by a cooperative apartment corporation which uses its property as collateral. This type of loan is called an "underlying" mortgage because it lies under (i.e., comes ahead of) any personal (or "end") loans which individual co-op shareholders might have taken out to "purchase" their apartments. Water: Utility charges for the usage and servicing.