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Not sure when to sell your condo? Wondering what it is worth? Not sure who to call to handle the sale for you? I know how you feel as I've helped hundreds of condo sellers in my career and I'm sure I can help you get your place sold too.  

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How To Market a Condo For Maximum Results

There is an old joke in real estate that most agent practice the 3 P's of marketing:

Put a sign in the yard

Put a sign in the yard is their first tactic, however, this is not always possible for a condo.

Put it in the MLS

Put it the MLS, which acts as a feeder to scores of other real estate websites. This is enough to get it sold sometimes, but not for maximum results. 


Pray that another agent sells it, because often, they don't know what else to do. And the non-believers don't even pray - they sit their on hands and wait.

It would be funnier if it wasn't so true. It is surprising how many real esate agents rely solely on these three tactics to sell a home. In my 15 years as a Realtor, I've sold over $100M in real estate, attend numerous conferences every year, and never stop learning. I've learned there is more to getting a home sold than just marketing, but marketing is so important and can be the difference between a quick sale and an expired listing. I've also learned that good marketing will create demand and that is done by focusing on three areas: exposure, repetition and emotional connection.


Increase exposure to: People that haven't started looking. People who just left the market. People who know people that are looking.


Beat the distraction. The more a buyer sees your home, the more familiar they become with your home. 


People often buy on emotion and then justify it with logic. Changing from a financial decision to an emotional decision will help you get the most money for your home.

 With these three strategies in mind, here are some of the tactics I use:

Professional Photography

This one is a no-brainer but it is surprising how many agents cut corners and use their phone for photos. Most buyers start their search online and the photos are the first thing they look at. They often eliminate properties based on the photos.

Single Property Website

A single property website presents all of your listing's visual assets in one beautifully arranged, scrolling web page. No 3rd party advertising to distract. No competing real estate listings are shown. No inaccurate value estimates. Always accurate information. 


You may not know what retargeting is, but you have probably experienced it. Have you ever been searching for an item online and next thing you know you are seeing ads for exactly what you were searching for? You’ve been served retargeted ads. This is a game changer for increased repetition of your property. 

Coming Soon

Before your home is active on the market, there are many ways to pre-market a listing - in the MLS, in email newsletters, various websites, and intra-office. This is a very effective way to build demand for when the listing hits the market.  

Targeted direct mail

People view physical advertising longer than digital advertising and they remember physical advertising for a longer time.Physical advertising produces a stronger emotional response, triggering activity in the brain that is responsible for value and desirability, which signals a greater intent to purchase. Direct mail can be targeted around a specific address and is another way to increase exposure. 

Facebook Advertising

The Facebook advertising platform is an extremely powerful tool for marketers by allowing them to define their audience based on numerous factors, including likely to move, zip code, renter or owner, age, income level and just about any interest. 

Premium Print Material

Superior quality you and your buyers can see and feel. Deeper colors, sharper detail, and deluxe paper stock make a difference in the eyes of a buyer and is a reflection of your property. 

Set the Right Price

They say that half of all marketing is setting the right price. If you over price your condo, it doesn't matter how much other marketing you do - it will just sit. I use a comprehensive approach to setting the right price taking in to account the market trends, using the right comps and your needs. 

Open Houses

You never know where your buyer is going to come from. An online ad might capture their attention, but they probably want to see it person before making an offer. An open house done right, will drive high traffic to the home and drive competition between buyers.


Most agents don’t know how to effectively work the agent to agent network, but they are missing a huge opportunity as most buyers will be working with an agent. Especially if there are several dominant agents in a particular building. 

Virtual Tour 

The virtual tour puts power in your viewers' hands, with ability to view attachments, send via e-mail, request more information, view property brochure and more. All content fits phones perfectly and displays full width on laptops and desktop computers! All features available, no matter what screen size! 


Nothing beats actually picking up the phone and talking to prospective buyers, but few agents do. I have a database of thousands of buyers and resources to find more.

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Over $100,000,000 worth of condos sold

Rick Bosl

Realtor * Associate Broker * MBA

I learned early on in my career to pick a niche and know it better than anyone else. I chose condos in Arlington, partly because I was looking for one myself and there was no central place I could go for information. 

Out of that need, was born in 2004. Since then I have helped hundreds of condo buyer and sellers and have sold over $100,000,000 worth of condos in my career. 

There as been a lot of changes to the real estate industry since I started, but one thing that hasn't changed is the need for expert guidance when selling a condo. 


Clients Say It Best

Rick has helped us buy and sell two condos along the Orange line in Arlington. He knows the market and the buildings inside and out. He's courteous, responsive, resourceful, and gives you honest, helpful feedback. He even helped us sell and close on a condo while we were living abroad. We've recommended Rick to friends and they've had similar positive experiences. We will be using Rick's expertise again when we move back to the DC area.

Adam & Jill V.

Rick is the guy who *really* knows the Orange Line corridor and who you want to use for buying or selling. A canny negotiator who knows when to "hold" and when to compromise. Next time I need a condo in Arlington, I'm going to call Rick!

Andy G.  

Highly recommended! I have used Rick on my last two condo buys and sells and my new town home purchase as well. He is very knowledgeable about Northern Virginia as he also lives there as well. He is highly responsive to texts and emails and will walk you through the process one step at a time so you are comfortable with the buying/selling experience.

Sarang P.

Rick is everything you could possibly want in an agent -- he's smart, knowledgable, experienced, personable, patient, trustworthy, hardworking and a skilled negotiator who understands all the nuances and psychology that go into buying and selling a home. Honestly, you can't find anyone better

Susan C.

Rick was absolutely terrific with the sale of our condo. Prior to listing it, he walked the condo with us and sent a comprehensive valuation breaking down the bases for the asking price. He then visited with a very effective stager and had photographs taken by a professional photographer. Our condo sold within 10 days of listing at asking price. We couldn't have been more pleased. My wife and I were operating within a limited window to sell the condo since we already had a contract on a house. So selling quickly at asking price was absolutely imperative. Rick is extremely knowledgeable, honest, organized, and efficient. We were concerned about selling the condo in a limited time frame and Rick's straight shooting approach was always a calming influence. We highly recommend him.

Andre & Katie G.