Avoid Common Mistakes That Can Cost You Thou$ands !

Most buyers do not know all the terms and conditions that entered in to an offer. In fact, many sellers and their agents don’t even know all the terms. As a result, many buyers are not fully aware of all their options when making an offer and lose thousands of dollars in the process. 

Our system guarantees condo buyers 1% off list price - or we will pay the difference in cash!  

Experience + Hustle = Results

With over $100 million in condo sales in my career, I’m a seasoned pro and an expert on pricing, negotiation and marketing strategies. I know how to craft a compelling offer for any seller to get you a fair deal. There is rarely a situation or problem I cannot handle or haven't seen before so you can rest assured I have your back. I have used my experience to create a specialized buyer system to guarantee you will save 1% off list price - or pay the difference in cash.  

Rick Bosl Associate Broker Keller Williams Realty