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What are the Best Selling Condo Buildings in Arlington?

Someone asked me the other day what was the best selling condo building in Arlington. I had a hunch on a number of buildings, but was curious what the data would tell me. So, I geeked out for an hour did a little number crunching. I looked at all sales for the first half of the year. I looked at two stats - the average days on market and the ratio of the final sales price to the original asking price. I find these two stats give the best indication of demand for a building.

The results might surprise you.

I didn’t want to use data for a building that only had a couple sales as that is not a big enough sample size. I decided to use 6 as the minimum number of sales, that works out to one per month.

I also didn’t include new buildings (Trafalgar Flats and the Flats at Pierce Court). When new buildings are entered in the MLS, they only enter a few listings which skews the data.

So, the best selling condos in the first half of 2019 are:

After I found the average days on market and the average of the final sales price to the original sales price, I ranked them and put them in quartiles. So, the first quartile would get a score of 1, the second quartile a score of 2, etc. I did this for each of the two stats and added them together for a combined score. The lowest combined score would be a two and these I determined to be best selling. You can agree or disagree with my methods, but the numbers don’t lie.

If I wanted to add some more stats, I would have factored in expired and withdrawn listings. If you're curious where your building is on the list, here are the complete results:

BuildingListingsAvg DOMDOM QrtClose/Original PriceRatio QrtTotal Score
The Arlington1912.321102.48%12
Windgate Of Arl1010.701101.52%12
West Vge At Shir2213.861101.29%12
Charleston Condo919.442101.83%13
Liberty Center625.172101.54%13
Carlyn Place68.671100.83%23
Grove At Arlington1110.731100.65%23
Shirlington Vill610.671100.54%23
Eclipse On Cente1510.331100.16%23
Summerwalk I&Ii726.573123.21%14
Courtbrdge I&Ii841.003101.35%14
Commons Of Arl725.292101.03%24
Century South2220.182100.74%24
Park At Courthouse718.712100.46%24
Alta Vista829.383100.90%25
Arlington Village1628.883100.83%25
Westmoreland Terrace629.003100.14%25
Crystal Park -S716.29298.95%35
Station Square1635.00399.88%36
Colonial Village1638.88398.86%36
Arlington Oaks652.50499.78%37
Atrium Condo1538.60398.21%47
Columbia Knolls1247.58498.34%48
Hyde Park656.00498.15%48
Wooster & Mercer Lofts647.00497.76%48
Prospect House7101.14496.04%48
River Place4573.62495.70%48
Turnberry Tower1183.55495.58%48

Rick Bosl
Rick Bosl
Rick learned early in his real estate career to pick a niche and become an expert in that area. Condos were a natural choice and he has been helping condo buyers and sellers ever since.